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SEO Tactics That No Longer Work

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the basic yet one of the most important things that a blogger needs to learn. SEO strategies keep changing with the change in search engine algorithms which makes it very important for bloggers to stay updated with all the happenings. Though, most of the times Google tells what to do and what not to do, what will work and what won't, there are things that are opposite. Here are some SEO tactics that no longer work in today's blogosphere.

6 Reasons Why Your Visitors Don't Come back

It is not an easy life as blogger because you have to work extremely hard in order to bring visitors to your blog. But what happens if those visitors exit and never come back? Or I should ask why will that happen? I’m sure you also want to know why no one comes back to your blog so here it is.

10 Signs That You’re Misleading Your Readers From The Real Point

“Things come apart so easily when they’re held up with lies” – okay that may have been too heavy an
opening, but there’s wisdom in it. There are so many bloggers in the internet, but because of quick
money-making marketing schemes like PPC, most bloggers are now only trying to trick readers to make
money. Are you one of those people – don’t be. However, here are 10 signs you can use to evaluate
your blog and avoid being one who misleads and tricks readers. Here goes, you are a trickster if you

Experience Fast And Faultless Browsing With Fully Attuned Browser Support

Browsing is one of the most vital parts of doing your work on computers. Everyone browses internet for different purposes like to check and send emails, search data, and for many other commitments. Hence, everyone needs to have fast and faultless browsing that requires their browser fully attuned with their computer.
Browser icons

Google Offers 'First Steps Cheat Sheet' for SEO beginners

Google one-page seo guide
Have you just started your blog or website and want to make it SEO friendly? OR Do you want to learn some basics of search engine optimization? If yes, then Google is always there to help you. Google always wants to share the right way of optimizing websites and blogs.

Google came up with a new eBook named First steps cheet sheet. This is a one-page cheet sheet to make a search engine friendly design of your blog and websites, that will help search engines, specially Google to understand your content and increase your site's visibility.

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Istonsoft is offering 100 keys of istonsoft PDF converter to our 100 readers. Below are the full details of the giveaway.

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