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Now You Can Mention People In Blogger Posts with Google+

Mention people in Blogger
Blogger is a great blogging platform, widely used by most bloggers. One reason for its popularity is that it often adds some new features in it. And Blogger recently added a new feature for its users that You can now mention people inside your blogger posts from Google Plus. This functionality will help you to mention Google Plus profiles or Pages within your article. And if you share your article from Blogger to Google Plus, Google then notify your mentions by including them in the sharebox.

How to mention people in blogger

Note: To mention people in Blogger, you will first have to connect your Google Plus profile with Blogger.

You can now link Google+ profile/page of your devoted readers, your authors, other bloggers in your niche and any other people you want, right from your blogger post editor.  Here is how it works and how you can do it.

To mention someone in your post, just type "+" OR "@" "+" or "@" in your blogger post editor and then type the name of the Google Plus user. For example: Here I mentioned my Google plus profile,
+Muhammad Irshad
Also see Example in the picture below.
How to mention people in blogger

Whenver a user will hover over the mentioned Google plus profile link, he will see a small box like this.

Mention people in blogger

Now, it's time to give credits to your co-authors and loyal readers by mentioning them in your Blogger posts.
Happy Blogging!

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