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15 Essential Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

windows 8 shortcut keys

Microsoft has launcehed a new OS in the form of windows 8 and it is far different and better than the old windows 7. You are possibly confused with its interface because it is new and different for every windows users.
Means you need to learn some tips and tricks for windows 8 including shortcut keys.
Keeping it in mind, I am sharing a list of 15 essential windows 8 keyboard shortcuts with you that will save your valuable time.

Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts

Here is the list of most useful windows 8 keyboard shortcuts:

  1. Press Windows key to enter the tiled start screen.
  2. On the start screen, press Windows key + D to switch to the desktop.
  3. Press Windows key + E to open File Explorer to get quick access to folders.
  4. Press Windows key + M to minimize everything from the desktop.
  5. Press Windows key + C to open the charms bar. Charms bar is a new windows 8 feature, it is a set of some useful tools such as search, share and settings.
  6. One of the tools in the charms bar is settings, you can directly go to settings by pressing Windows key + I.
  7. Press Windows key + Tab to open a list of currently running programs. 
  8. Press windows key + Print screen key to take a screenshot. This screenshot will be saved in your picture folder.
  9. Windows key + Pause will show you your PC info.
  10. Search for Apps by pressing Windows key + Q.
  11. Press Windows key + W to search for system settings and easily change your system properties.
  12. Press Windows key + F to search for files.
  13. Press Windows key + R to open Run Command.
  14. Windows key + X will open admin menu where you will have access to many functions like file explorer, control panel, task manger and etc.
  15. Windows key + L locks the computer.
These windows 8 keyboeard shortcuts were very useful. I hope you liked the list. 

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