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Browsing is one of the most vital parts of doing your work on computers. Everyone browses internet for different purposes like to check and send emails, search data, and for many other commitments. Hence, everyone needs to have fast and faultless browsing that requires their browser fully attuned with their computer.
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There are different Web browsers available:

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Internet Explorer
  3. Mozilla Firefox
  4. Opera
  5. Safari
  6. Maxthon
  7. Netscape Navigator
  8. Sea Monkey
  9. Flock
  10. Rockmelt
This is the list of top ten web browsers used today in the computing world. There are many
more, but they are lesser known and not widely used.

What you need to know about your Web Browser?

Working properly

Is your web browser working at a good pace or do you need any browser support. Most of the web browsers nowadays are fast enough and take very less time in loading a page. If your web browser is taking a lot of time in loading a page, then, certainly there’s a problem which you need to check.

 Secure enough

Is your Web browser secure enough to handle exploits in web coding as well as keeping your online information safe? Some browsers like Google Chrome gives you a special feature - "Private browsing" mode that helps you in having a private browsing session without leaving a trace of browsing history. There arechances of threats like identity theft, virus attacks, etc while you work on internet through your browser that can harm your online presence, so you need to have the best security feature on your web browser. 

Ease to use

How spontaneous and ease of use does your browser provide to you? If you are having problems with the small tasks like multiple tabs, downloading, cookies etc than you need to give your browser an up gradation.


Does your browser provides you all the rich and advanced features available (like tabbed browsing, handling of bookmarks, etc.) to enhance your browsing experience?


Is your browser apt in handling badly coded or cooperative HTML pages? Does it allow expandability through add-on programs? Is it having problems in displaying content that includes flash and other videos, images or HTML5 content?

These are some of the common characteristics of a web browser today, which are a must if
you want to have the best browsing experiences.

Along with the above mentioned issues, there can be some other problems that can ruin your
browsing functionality, stated below:

  • Hardware issues like:
  1.  No connection from the Internet Service Provider.
  2.  Problem in Broadband Router.
  3.  Problem in Networking Connections and settings.
  4.  Problem in Browser compatibility with your OS.
In occurrence of such problems/issues you need to have the best browser support that will provide you with the resolutions of each and every hitch stated:

  • Installation of all types of Internet Browser.
  • Up gradation of outdated browsers to the latest versions.
  • Configuration with the OS.
  • Checking the Internet settings and providing the resolution.
  • Troubleshooting of Router or Wireless glitches.
  • Configuration of Add-on features of the browser.
  • Enabling or disabling the cookies.
  • Troubleshooting the issues with tabbed browsing.
  • Resolution of crashing issues of the browser.
  • Enhancement of security features.

A full guidance about your browser knowledge and its troubleshooting through accurate
technical support will help you overcome any of the browsing problems, enabling you to
concentrate more on work and entertainment in the online world.

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  1. Personally i only consider two features as important "speed and security" i dont really care about the look and stuff coz nowadays they all look the same

  2. Security is one of the major concern for me, you ll not feel any speed problem with fast interet speed in any browser, but if you have slow connection then i feel that chrome works best..


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