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SEO Tactics That No Longer Work

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the basic yet one of the most important things that a blogger needs to learn. SEO strategies keep changing with the change in search engine algorithms which makes it very important for bloggers to stay updated with all the happenings. Though, most of the times Google tells what to do and what not to do, what will work and what won't, there are things that are opposite. Here are some SEO tactics that no longer work in today's blogosphere.

Forum Posting:

A few years back, forums were heavily used for building backlinks and there are still some people highly recommending you to do just that. But the thing is, forum backlinks no longer work or I should say they don't count. So I advise you to stop wasting your time there and start doing the things that actually have some benefits for you like social media marketing and focus more on the content you write than building links.

Comment Spam:

Many blogger try to build links using Comments Spam in result they see a continuous down in their rankings. They use different Comment Software’s which automatically post comment in different blog leaving the URL to gain the backlink. They thought they are smart enough to beat Google but they are not. Once Google find the links as spam, Google will definitely penalize the URL.

Link Buying:

Selling and buying links used to be a good business as well a little while ago and people were getting decent rankings just by spending some money. But as of today, Google frowns both, link buyers and sellers and they have been penalized many times. You need to build backlinks exactly the way Google tells you to build if you want to rank high. So focus on learning SEO and don't waste money buying links.

Directory Submissions:

I remember that time when everyone was just crazy about blog directories because of the traffic they sent and the ranking they gifted to you. And now directories have lost all of their charm and respect by Google and are nothing more, but waste of time. If you don't believe it, you can try some of the most popular directories on this planet and see how much traffic they send you. I'm sure you won't be pretty happy after you are done with experimenting.

Why So ?

You may think of why they are not working. Are methods expired? Then What’s the reason they are not working. The reason behind is Google focus more on Content than number of links build. You may be familiar with the famous quotation “Content is KING”.

Over to you:

Anything I have missed,  any tactics that no longer work in SEO and I forget to mention here, please let us  know in the comments section below.

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